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Rock of Ages: Teen Edition
Rock of Ages: Teen Edition

Thu, Apr 27


Villanova Festival Theatre

Rock of Ages: Teen Edition

Rock of Ages: Teen Edition takes you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair! This Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical features the hits of bands including Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister and others.

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Time & Location

Apr 27, 2023, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Villanova Festival Theatre, 2800 N Townline Rd, Windsor, ON N9A 6Z6, Canada


About the event

Act 1 LONNY, resident rocker-emcee, welcomes the audience to the world of Rock of Ages High School Edition located at the Sunset Strip in downtown Los Angeles, where all the boys and girls come out for a good time (Noize/Paradise/Good Time). One of those boys is DREW, a wannabe rocker with a dream in sight but a broom in his hands. He has one goal: show the Bourbon Room his true rock-persona, Wolfgang von Colt! DENNIS, the owner of the famous club, is too busy trying to keep the joint alive to notice the barback. Many Waffle Houses away, SHERRIE, a young woman in Kansas, confronts her parents about moving out to L.A. (Sister Christian). After being mugged upon her arrival, Sherrie meets Drew, who leads her back to the Bourbon Room. She's hired on as a waitress and is one step closer to her dream of making it big in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the MAYOR and his new city planner, ANITA, are meeting with German real estate developer, HILDA, and her son FRANZ, who have a plan to completely renovate the Strip, kicking out all the rock music venues, including the Bourbon Room. Anita becomes impassioned about keeping the culture that created the Strip (We Built This City/Too Much Time). The news reaches Dennis, and he must come up with a quick way to stay in business. With the news of the imminent breakup of the famous band Arsenal, led by megastar STACEE JAXX, Dennis and Lonny come up with the idea to have the final Arsenal concert at the Bourbon Room. The pressure's on as the Mayor permits Hilda to begin the redevelopment process. As Sherrie encourages Drew's dreams (I Wanna Rock), the two become fond of one another and plan a date. Anita rallies the troops to protest the Strip's development (We're Not Gonna Take It), while Dennis meets with pressure from Hilda and Franz, and discovers that the opening act for Arsenal has dropped out. This is Drew's chance! He auditions and Dennis encourages the kid to look deep inside himself and rock out (More Than Words/To Be With You/Heaven). Drew lands the gig as the opening act! Drew and Sherrie go on their date (Waiting For A Girl), but things don't go exactly as planned. In a flurry of miscommunication, they both think the other believes that they're just friends. Just as things aren't looking great for the lovebirds, Stacee Jaxx is back in town and ready to do some damage. In an interview with CONSTANCE, a music reporter, Stacee reveals that things aren't so easy for him being the infamous rockstar that he is (Dead Or Alive). Stacee meets Sherrie, and sparks fly... well, sort of. Sherrie falls madly in love, while Stacee is in way over his head (I Want to Know What Love Is). He tells Dennis that Sherrie has to be fired. While Arsenal plays their concert, Dennis fires Sherrie as per Stacee's request and things get a bit out of control (Feel The Noize/Not Gonna Take It – Reprise). Hilda fights with Anita outside the venue and then reveals to Dennis that she's been granted permission to seize the property. Drew meets a talent manager named JAʼKEITH. While onstage, Stacee gets into a fight with his band members resulting in Stacee going down for the count. Drew jumps onstage and finishes the set for Stacee. Sherrie finds her way to the Venus-A-Go-Go, a dance club owned by JUSTICE CHARLIER, who takes Sherrie under her wing (Harden My Heart/ Shadows Of The Night). At the end of Act One, each rock 'n' roller is at a crossroads, unsure of how to face the music (Here I Go Again). 

Act 2 (The Final Countdown) is on! Construction is underway for development of the Strip in the face of many protesters chained to the entrance of the Bourbon Room. At the Ve nus-A-Go-Go, Sherrie is nervous about her first night, but Justice calms her nerves (Any Way You Want It/I Wanna Rock – Reprise). Meanwhile, Ja’Keith showcases Drew to one SLEAZY RECORD PRODUCER after another, but it may take a style reinvention to get a record producer interested. Drew is pushed into a boy band called “Street Boyz,” much to his dismay. Back at the club, Dennis is caught between the protesters and Franz, who reveals that he used to run a confectionary shop back in Hamburg, which is where his heart is. On the street, Drew and Sherrie run into one another and confess that they both have feelings for one another despite what's happened since. Drew gives her a tape he made for her, and the two part ways, still in love (High Enough). Meanwhile, Arsenal has found a new front man, JOEY PRIMO, who has a whole lot of cash on hand. At the Venus-A-Go-Go, Sherrie confronts Stacee, and has a thing or two to say to him (Hate Myself For Lovin' You/Heat Of The Moment). Drew walks into the club and confuses their interaction for an ongoing romance, leaving distraught. Unfortu nately for Drew, he misses Sherrie punching Stacee out cold. At the Bourbon Room, Hilda is angered to see that the protesters have not relented and that Franz has done little to help his mother. Hilda moves to slap her son, and finally Franz musters enough courage to speak up (Hit Me With Your Best Shot). Inside, Dennis and Lonny share a serious “bromance" as they begin to pack the club up (I Can't Fight This Feeling). Sherrie tells Justice that she thinks she has to leave, and Justice shares that she too lost the only person she ever loved (Every Rose Has Its Thorn). As Sherrie plans to leave town, Drew is busy avoiding Ja’Keith's pressure to change his music and style. It might just be time for things to start turning around! Despite his budding affection for Anita, Franz decides he must follow his dream and returns to Hamburg to continue his confectionary business. Justice relays to Drew that Sherrie did love him after all, but now has left on a midnight train. With some inspiration from Lonny, Drew is determined to win back his girl. Hilda is broken-hearted that her son has left, and Anita warns Hilda that she'll light herself on fire before they continue construc tion (Keep On Lovin' You). Hilda is surprised by Anita's willingness to stand up for what she believes in, and is moved to do the right thing. Drew is in pursuit of Sherrie (Oh, Sherrie), and finally, the two can be together (The Search Is Over). A meeting is arranged at the Bourbon Room, and Hilda reveals to everyone, including Dennis and Franz, that the development will cease. To celebrate, Arsenal plays a concert at the Bourbon Room one last time. To close off the evening, Lonny takes the mic and reveals the futures of the rest of the gang, and it turns out Drew and Sherrie are living happily ever after in Glendale, AZ. Rock 'n' roll is alive and well! 


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